Payment Schedule for AY 2020-21


The Semester/Course Fee and payment schedule for the AY 2020-2021 is mentioned below:

Fee Payment Dates

  1. Fee Payment dates for both the semesters will be announced over Email.


  1. B.Tech Students of previous batches who are taking extra semester (because of semester break) need to pay full fee. Those registering for extra semester because of non-fulfillment of degree requirement have to pay fee proportionate to the credits registered. Fee mentioned above is for 16 Credits.
  2. DASA students can also deposit the fees in equivalent INR (Conversion rate is INR 76 per USD).
  3. Students who are on semester leave need not to pay fees in the semester on which they are on leave, however they have to pay full fees in the extra semester that they will spend later.
  4. Fees for students from SAARC country is half the fees for GEN DASA students’ i.e 4000 USD per year.

Fee Structure for 2020 Batch