Internships @ IIIT-D


Students at IIIT- Delhi can opt for following kinds of internships:

1) Summer Internship (May – July max duration 8 to 10 weeks)

2) Semester Internships 4 - 6 months, not a mandatory part of curriculum for any program.

Students are permitted to proceed with the following clauses.

BTech students opting for long duration internship will undergo an extended semester & the student will graduate in December .(internship duration is deemed as semester leave). 

MTech Student are allowed to proceed for long duration internship ( 4 /6 /11 months) will be required to  take prior approval from his/her mentor.

Intern Hiring Process:

Company needs to get in touch with the placement cell & share their requirements along with JD & stipend.

Information is shared with the students & the process is further initiated by the placement cell.

Internship Policy:

We follow "One Student One Internship" policy for all the above mentioned internships.

Code of Conduct:

1:A student once registered for Internship offered through the placement cell needs to complete the process.The students is not allowed to withdraw after entering the process. Failing to do so, leads to debarment from the internship and the placement process. 


2: Rejecting an internship offer is not allowed, doing so leads to the debarment both from the further campus internship and campus placement process. (The final penalty :The student/s will not be allowed to participate in any other campus internship process & he/she will not be allowed to participate in the first 5 A+ companies coming for placement for their batch).


3: Off campus internships are not under the preview  of the placement cell, but at the same time if student is also participating through the campus process then if he/she is offered /selected in the campus process , he/she will have to go with the campus offer  & the Off Campus offer will not be considered.