Information Technology is a broad area resting on Computing and Communication technologies and is nurtured by two major disciplines.

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
which covers computing science and
its applications

Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)
which covers computing systems and
science and engineering of communication technologies

Computational Biology (CB)



IIIT-Delhi currently has programs in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), Electronics & Communications Engineering (ECE), Computational Biology (CB) and Mathematics.

  1. B.Tech in CSE, ECE and CSAM
    ... prepare students to undertake careers involving innovation and problem solving using Information Technology
    ... undertake advanced studies for research careers in Information Technology and allied areas
  2. M.Tech in CSE, ECE and CB
    ... to provide specialized skills for top positions in industry
    ... to get ready for a career in research
  3. PhD in CSE, ECE, CB and Mathematics
    ... focussed on top-class research

In addition to above, IIIT-Delhi also has an option to obtain Dual Degree (B.Tech and M.Tech) in CSE and ECE. This is not a separate program, and only B.Tech students in their final year can avail of this option.

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