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​How was IIITD created, and what is its status?

In India, a University can be created by UGC giving it a "Deemed University" status, or by an Act of Union or State Government. IIITD was created by an Act of Government of NCT Delhi (IIIT-Delhi Act, 2007). As it was created by an act of a State Legislature, it is a State University. IIIT-Delhi Act, 2007 empowers the institute/ university to grant degrees.

Is IIITD affiliated to or has any relationship to GGSIPU/DU/NSIT?

No, IIITD is not affiliated to any of these universities; it is a State University in itself and has no academic relationship with IP University/NSIT/DTU.

What is the relationship between the different IIITs?

There are five IIITs that are created by Govt of India. IIITD was created by Act of Delhi Government, and is an independent Institution. It is also a Board Governed institution. The chancellor is Hon'ble LG of Delhi, who also heads the General Council which is the apex body for IIITD.

IIIT Hyderabad and IIIT Bangalore (both are called International Institute of Information Technology) are both Deemed Universities and are independent entities.

There are 20 new IIITs being created in the PPP mode - partnership of Central Govt, State Government, and some sponsoring corporation(s). Many of them have already been started. These are now governed under a separate Act of the Central Government.

Is it a Government Institute or Private? Is IIITD recognized by AICTE, UGC, etc.?

IIITD is an autonomous Institute of Government of NCT Delhi, much like IITs are autonomous Institutes of Govt. of India. There is no role of any private body in the governance of IIITD, and there is no mention of words like "PPP", "Private", or "Partnerships" in the Act or the Statutes. For details on UGC, AICTE, AIU affiliations, please refer to this page.


​Is it a research or a teaching Institute?

IIITD is envisaged to be a research-led institute with degree programs at the Bachelor, Masters, and Ph.D. levels. Like the IITs, and most top universities across the world, both research as well as teaching forms the basic objectives of IIITD.

What education programs does it offer?

Currently, it offers B.Tech. programs in CSE, ECE, CSAM, CSD, CSSS, CSB and CSAI(Refer for more details); M.Tech. in CSE, ECE, and CB (Refer for more details); Ph.D. programs in CSE, ECE, CB, Mathematics, HCD and Social Sciences (Refer for more details)

When to apply for admission, etc?

For dates, please check the prospectus and the website.

How are students evaluated during a program, and who does the evaluation?

IIITD follows a semester system and uses letter grades on a 10-point scale for grading a student's performance in a course. Grading is done internally by the faculty and is based on instruments like assignments, quizzes, tests, exams, projects, labs, presentations, etc. spread throughout the semester. One of these instruments is the final exam, which takes place at the end of the semester.

What is the academic load during a semester?

Generally, a student in a B.Tech. program will do about 5 courses a semester. Each course requires a total effort (including lectures, tutorials, assignments, labs, etc) of about 8 to 12 hours per week. (Hence, the total academic load for a student is 40-60 hours per week.)

Management & Faculty

What is the management structure of the Institute?

The Institute's operational head is the Director. Overall policy-making and governance rest with the Board of Governors (BOG). The Chancellor of the Institute is Honorable Lt. Governor of Delhi, who also chairs the General Council of the Institute. Names of functionaries are on the website.

What are the qualifications of its faculty?

Due to the nature of the Institute, all its regular faculty members are expected to have Ph.D's (Ph.D. or Doctorate) from well-respected Institutes/Universities across the world. The list of current faculty members and their qualifications is available on the website

Campus & Funding

Where is the campus located?
  • Address Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology
    Delhi Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase III
    (Near Govind Puri Metro Station)
    New Delhi, India - 110020
What is the area of IIITD?

The campus is of 25 Acres.
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From where is IIITD funded?

The Government of Delhi has provided the land and is providing funds for its infrastructure development and establishment.

Last updated: 20-03-2024