Sponsored Research Projects

Financial Year 2020-2021


Title of the Project

Name of the PI

Funding Agencies

Total Sanction Amount (Rs.)

1 Spatio- Temporal Analysis and Visualization of Grievances at Delhi Jal Board Dr. Rajiv Ratn Shah Delhi Jal Board 1000000.00
2 Development of a mobile interactive education and support group intervention to improve postpartum health in India Dr. Pushpendra Singh UCSF 83250.00
3 Development of innovative learning and assessment module for first responders for the revival of the near-drowning victim to be used in an Augmented Reality (AR) - enabled mobile platform Dr. Aman Parnami World Health Organization 749900.00
4 Experimental and Integrative Approaches to Robo - ethics Dr. Manohar & Dr. Jainendra CAI 200000.00
5 Analyzing and Reasoning the spread of misinformation on social media Dr. Tanmoy Chakraborty The Logically Ltd 3000000.00
6 Robot Assisted Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder Dr. Jainendra Shukla SERB 3000000.00
7 Distilling a Mechanistic Gene Signature for Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis from Multi-omic data with Generative Artificial Intelligence and Transfer Learning Dr. Tavpritesh Sethi DBT 1472038.00
8 Development and Pilot Test of an mHealth interactive Education and Social Support Intervention for improving Postnatal health Prof. Pushpendra Singh UCSF 4397100.00
9 Molecular basis of Sarcomere disassembly during vertebrate aging Dr. Gaurav Ahuja SERB 3203816.00
10 Delhi Research Implementation and Innovation: Sustainable Mobility Dr. Pravesh Biyani IIT Delhi 5150000.00
11 AI ML in Healthcare Dr. Tavpritesh Sethi IIT Delhi 8078000.00
12 Automated and Open Transit Data for public Transit Dr. Pravesh Biyani Meity 5025500.00