Research News

» PhD Students, Sarah Masud (Advisor: Dr. Tanmoy Chakraborty; Industry Partner: Wipro Ltd., Co-supervised by Dr. Vikram Goyal) and Abhijith V S (Advisor: Dr. Anuj Grover; Industry Partner: STMicroelectronics Pvt. Ltd.) have been awarded the prestigious ‘Prime Minister Fellowship for Doctoral Research’.

» Yaman Kumar advised by Dr. Rajiv Ratn Shah has won the Google India PhD Fellowship 2020 Award.

» Dr. Sanat K Biswas has won the 'Young Scientist Award 2020' from the International Union of Radio Science (URSI).

» LCS2 Research Lab at IIIT-Delhi has received a grant of 25,000 USD for a period of 1 year from Accenture Labs University Collaboration and Grant committee for a collaborative work on AI based social media mis-information detection, virality and claim analysis with Accenture Labs.

» Research titled “At Home with the Other: Exploring intercultural empathy through critical literacies” by Mukherjee, Payel C et al. presented in the Annual Conference of South Asian Literary Association (SALA) 2020 in the Academy: Classroom Practices, Professional Citizenship, and Intellectual Agency.

» Dr. Payel C Mukherjee has been offered an adjunct professorship at the Dept. of English, College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, University of Saskatchewan, Canada effective from 6 February 2020 for five years.

» Researchers at IIIT-Delhi and IIT-Delhi collaboratively employ deep learning to show that coding variants in cancer are fundamentally different from other noncancer mutations.

» IIITD's CB department explained the molecular basis of loss of smell (olfaction) phenotype in Covid-19 infected patients.

» Thanks to the efforts of the amazing team, the WashKaro application to proactively raise Covid-19 awareness through bite-sized Hindi audios is available on Google Playstore

In addition to AI sifted audios, it now includes daily advisories, guidelines and recommendations from reliable sources curated by our team at CoronaActionConsortium at Anyone can make suggestions to add vetted studies by visiting our webpage (see next) and clicking on Collaborate.

The #CoronaActionIndia webpage(in English) is updated with advisories at

Anyone interested in reading about the technical details on how our WashKaro AI engine works, the pre-print is now online at

Team- Kanav Bhagat, Vaibhav Gautam, Rohan Pande, Himanshu Sharma, Harsh Bandhey, Somya Srivastava.

» Dr. Paro Mishra (in collaboration with the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT, Delhi and Department of Liberal Arts, IIT, Hyderabad) organised an International Conference on 'Reproduction, Demography and Cultural Anxieties in India and China in the 21st Century' on 20-21 February, 2020. The event was funded by UNFPA, PFI, ICSSR, AJWS. Details available at

» Research Group from CB department is working on corona virus to facilitate scientific community to fight against this deadly virus.

» Research story of ECE department got selected as one of the Best Popular Science Stories by DST AWSAR

» Poster Presented, Titled “Spectral Analysis of WOLA-OFDM in the presence of DPD and HPA” by Mohd Hamza Naim Shaikh, Vivek Ashok Bohara, Anand Srivastava in a conference at IIT-Kharagpur.