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Consultancy Projects

Financial Year 2020-2021

S.No. Project Title PI Funding Agency
1 Development of Data Provacy & Security Protocols for LEHS/WISH Dr. Arun Balaji LEHS/Wish Foundation
2 Establish Open Data Policy for Public Transport Dr. Pravesh Biyani World Bank
3 Consultant Agreement between VVDN Technologies Pvt Ltd. & Dr. Shobha Sunderam  Dr. Shobha Sundarram VVDN
4 Assess damage and estimate claim value of a car using photos and videos Dr. Rajiv Ratn Shah
5 Building machine-learning application for diverse industry problems Dr. Debarka Sengupta Gemrithm Solutions
6 Gene Panel for detecting the presence of blood-based genetic marker of nonsmall cell lung cancer Dr. Debarka Sengupta & Dr. Gaurav Ahuja Careonco Biotech Private Limited
7 Population council using machine learning models for nutrition label approach to data quality Dr. Tavpritesh Sethi Population Council


Last updated: 06-08-2021