Why Recruit @ IIIT-D?

IIIT, Delhi encourages its students to balance their academics and co-curricular activities. This allows for an all-round development, as evidenced by the numerous projects undertaken and the participation in sports and cultural events. This is evident from the wide repertoire of projects that they have done as well as their participation in sports and cultural events.

The institute also encourages the students to showcase their research in national and international conferences and workshops.The students work as Teaching Assistants, guiding and aiding the students in the batches that are junior to them.

The Academic ProgramsWhy@IIITD

The campus offers B.Tech, M.Tech and Ph.D. programs in CSE & ECE .

The Courses are finely refined and fabricated to meet the needs of the versatile industry and latest research areas. The highly qualified, intellectual and technically proficient faculty at IIIT-Delhi fuel the learning process in turn igniting the minds.  http://www.iiitd.ac.in/education/courses


Admission Criteria

BTech Entrance at IIIT Delhi is based on JEE Main and score in Class 12th minimum of 80%.

MTech admission has 03 steps:

  1. A : Gate Qualified + previous Academic record.
  2. B: On line coding test held on Code-Chef.
  3. B : Interviews.

Our Recruiters

The list of recruiters have grown over the years & we are proud to be associated with them.


Our Placements and Internships

Placements at IIIT Delhi has seen significant growth over the years. The campus host 85+ companies each year from various segments : IT, CSE, ECE, Research, Consulting & Finance.
Highest Indian compensation offered to our students lies between 32-34 lakhs.
Average compensation has been constantly rising between 11-13 lakhs with Median salaries between 9-10 lakhs.

The campus has opened doors for various internships which includes summer, winter and long internships to both final and pre-final year students. The stats are improving with each passing year.
Year 2016 hosted 46+ companies with a highest stipend of 85 k & the average stipend of 25K per month.


Our faculty can be compared favourably with the best in the country. All regular faculty members of the IIIT Delhi,  hold  PhD, with about two-thirds of them having earned their PhDs from fine institutions across the US and Europe, and almost all having significant global exposure.

Our faculty have published various national and international journals and conference proceedings (more than 100 of their papers published/accepted last year alone), and organized several workshops, including international.

Our focus on recruiting world class faculty and strong research programs bodes well for the future of the institute, which is fast emerging as one of the best in the country and also making its presence felt abroad. Faculty at IIIT-Delhi.


Several Best paper and poster awards in International conferences. Sponsored projects from agencies like DST, DIT, Indo-US foundation, Microsoft, SAP, etc. Many PhD students have received PhD Fellowships like TCS, IBM, Microsoft. Many UG students have also written research papers. We have research groups in areas like: Information Management & Analytics, Security, Mobile Computing, Biometrics, Software Engineering.



Projects are an integral part of the education program. Students are required to do group projects/research in many of courses that they are taught. Students are also provided with an option of the independent study which enables them to do research in the field of their interest. Some of the projects done by the students of these batches are given below: