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Research Centres, Groups, Labs

Research Centres

​​​Centre for Intelligent Product Development
​​​Center for Quantum Technologies
​​​DataKart Centre of Excellence
Centre of Excellence in Healthcare
Centre for Design and New Media
Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Mobility
Centre of Excellence on Light Fidelity
Centre of Technology in Policing
Infosys Centre for Artificial Intelligence
Centre of Excellence in Human Computing

Research Groups

​​​Natural Intelligence Group
​​​Theoretical Computer Science
​​​Program Analysis Group
​​​Graphics Research Group
​​​High Speed Electronics Group
Visual Conception Group

Research Labs

​​​Ethnography Lab
​​​Applied Data Science and AI lab
Quantum Electronics Lab
​​​Algorithms to Architecture Lab
​​​Wirocomm Lab
​​​Advanced Multi-core Systems Lab
​​​Mobility and Optimization Lab
Nanoscale Devices and Circuit Lab
Space Systems Lab
​​​Signal Analysis for Large Scale Applications (SALSA) Lab
​​​Accessibility and Inclusive Design Lab
​​​Design and Innovation Lab
​​​Quantum Computing Lab
​​​Academic Writing Lab
​​​Weave Lab
Cryptology Research Group (CRG) Lab
Human-Machine Interaction Lab
​​​High Performance Computing Lab
​​​Laboratory for Computational Social Systems
​​​Melange Lab
​​​MIDAS Lab
​​​Knowledgeable Computing and Reasoning Lab
Networks Research Lab
Visual Media & Signals (ViMS) Lab
Cross-Caps Lab
Raghava Lab - Computational Biology for Health
Complex Systems Lab
Sengupta Lab - Algorithms for Transcriptomics of Tomorrow
Reggenlab: Regulatory Genomics Lab
Ray Lab - Computational Structural Biology
Tav Lab - AI/ML for Medicine and Public Health
The Chemosensory Lab (Ahuja Lab)
Systems and Mathematical Biology lab
The Translational Biology Lab (Dhanjal Lab)
Signal processing and Bio-medical Imaging Lab

Last updated: 04-04-2024