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Visiting Faculty

The Institute is organized as research groups and education programs, and has not maintained strong department boundaries. However, faculty can be broadly grouped according to their disciplines which are given below. Apart from those listed below, the institute also has a number of Guest, Adjunct and Visiting faculty members in various disciplines. They can be found on this page.

Aman Samuel

MBA (2016), University of Madras, MCA (2004), IGNOU

Amrit Srinivasan

PhD (1984), University of Cambridge, UK

Anoop Ratn

MFA, Teerthanker Mahaveer University

Bijendra Nath Jain

(Visiting Distinguished Professor)

PhD (1975) SUNY, Stony Brook (NY)

C. Anantaram

PhD (1999), IIT Bombay, India

D. K. Sharma

PhD (1977), University of Delhi

Krishanu Roy

Ph.D. (2020), IMSc, Chennai

Payel C Mukherjee

PhD (2016), IIT Gandhinagar, India

Samaresh Chatterji

PhD (1979), Wayne State University, Detroit

Subhajit Ghosechowdhury

PhD (2017), Purdue University

Last updated: 18-05-2023