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Sports council

Sports Council for AY 2018-19
S. No. Name Category Email Id
1 Gunkirat Kaur Sports Coordinator
2 Shivin Dass Co-Sports Coordinator
3 Hemant Rattey Basketball
4 Daksh Chaturvedi Basketball
5 Navdha Agarwal Basketball
6 Naman Kedia Football
7 Pranjal Kaura Football
8 Vanshit Gupta Cricket
9 Ayush Kushwaha Cricket
10 Avdesh Kumar Pool
11 Yatin Kumar Arora Table Tennis
12 Akshat Gupta Table Tennis
13 Arushi Gupta Tennis
14 Kartikey Singh Tennis
15 Jai Nagar Volleyball
16 Shashwat Malik Volleyball
17 Arsh Verma Chess
18 Taejas Gupta Taekwondo
19 Swati Taekwondo
20 Lakshya Bansal Badminton
21 Raghavv Goel Badminton
22 Sharmistha S. Gupta Badminton
23 Tushar Kadian Athletics
24 Gaurav Gehlot Snooker
25 Suraj Prathik Kumar Squash
26 Vivasvan Gadepalli Swimming
27 Kartikay Sapra Fresher Representative
28 Aneesha Lakra Fresher Representative

Last updated: 15-08-2021