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Hostel Policies

Based on the recommendation of the Hostel Allotment Committee, the hostel is allotted to eligible students by the Hostel in-Charge. Ph.D. and M.Tech. students along with the students from outside Delhi are given preference in hostel allotment. Online applications are invited during vacations for existing students.

Hostel & Mess Fee Structure

A regular student was charged for single room occupancy and the twin-sharing basis an amount of Rs 90,000 and Rs 68,000 respectively for two semesters except breaks. Hostel fees are revised annually. Mess charges may be between Rs 10,000 and Rs 15,000 for four months.

  • Hostel security will be refunded only at the time of passing out/ leaving the institute through No Dues Form.
  • Hostel Refund Form as attached Here
  • Hostel Application Form as attached Here

Hostel Key Conduct Rules

  • Smoking, use of narcotics, consumption of alcoholic beverages and gambling are strictly prohibited. Any individual (s) found involved (actively or passively) in the mentioned activities will be permanently debarred from the hostel accommodation immediately.
  • If any prohibited material is found inside the room, the student will be immediately debarred from the hostel.
  • Any act of intimidation or violence, willful damage to property and drunken riotous behavior constitute an offence.
  • Damage caused to any room or common areas of the hostel, unless due to natural wear-and-tear, may be charged to individuals causing the damage, or residents collectively.
  • Hostel residents are not allowed to keep motorized vehicles on the campus.
  • Hostel residents are not allowed to leave the campus after midnight.
  • A non-resident cannot stay in the hostel overnight.
  • Cooking in the rooms is prohibited.
  • A student's parents and other same-gender guests may visit the student in his/her room from 8 am – 8 pm. Any other visitor can only be met in the common room of the hostel.
  • All hostellers are required to buy mess coupons. Otherwise, a fine will be imposed as per institute policy (500 for the first month, 2000 for the second month, and hostel room cancellation thereafter).

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» Contact: Hostel related communications shall be done via only Emails sent to any other email id will not be entertained.

Last updated: 16-09-2022