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Evaluation Policy

Each course is conducted by the assigned Instructor with the assistance of tutors and/ or teaching assistants. The Instructor responsible for conducting the lectures, tutorials, and labs, holding the tests and examinations, evaluating the performance of the students, and awarding grades at the end of the semester/ summer term. A system of continuous evaluation is employed, in which, during a course, various instruments like tests, exams, assignments, projects etc. are given to assess the learning of students. All evaluations are the responsibility of the instructor of the course. At the end of the semester, based on the overall performance in the course, a letter grade is awarded to each student by the instructor. Each letter grade carries certain points which are used in the computation of the semester/ overall performance.

Grading Scheme

One of the letter grades given in the following table shall be awarded to a student reflecting his/her overall performance in a course. Each letter grade carries certain points as given in the table, and these points are used in the computation of the SGPA/CGPA as explained later.

Letter Grade Points Remarks
A+ (Outstanding) 10 Letter grades A+ to F and I are given only in the regular courses.
This grading scheme is effectively A to F; A+ is only to recognize excellent performers in a course – it has same points as A.
A (Very Good) 10
A- 9
B (Good) 8
B- 7
C (Satisfactory) 6
C- 5
D (Marginal) 4
F (Fail) 2 F Grade is not counted in the calculation of CGPA, however, it is counted in the calculation of SGPA.
I (Incomplete) Nil Incomplete (I grade) must be converted to one of the letter grades (A to F) as per the academic calendar.
W (Withdrawal) Nil "W" grade shall be printed in the transcript of the students who do 'Late Drop'
S (Satisfactory) Nil S and X are grades for only certain kinds of courses like Audit course, Self Growth, Community Work, Online Courses, Thesis and Scholarly Paper. They are not incorporated in SGPA/CGPA calculation.
X (Unsatisfactory) Nil
  • In the academic courses, the final grades awarded are A to F (A+ is a grade with same points as A, and is there to honor excellence).
  • An I (Incomplete) grade may be awarded in cases when all the requirements for a course are not met by the student at the time of submission of grades, and essentially reflects an “incomplete” status in the course. This grade must be converted to a regular letter grade (A+ to F) within one month of the end of the current term (i.e., the moderation date). For courses other than project / independent study, I is meant primarily for medical reasons. All unconverted I grades get automatically converted to F after the grade conversion deadline, which is one month after the moderation date.
  • In certain courses, such as self-growth and community work, Online Courses, Thesis, Scholarly Paper only S or X grade is awarded.
  • The F and X grades are “fail” grades and the student shall be required to repeat the course. If the course is a compulsory course, the same course shall be repeated in another semester/summer when the course is offered. In the case of an elective/optional course, the student can replace the course by another elective course.
  • For B.Tech. students at most one compulsory course, after getting an F twice in the course, a student may be allowed to replace it by an elective course of the respective discipline with the permission from DOAA.
  • An F and X grade obtained in any course shall be reflected in the grade sheet. However when the course is replaced or repeated, the new grade will be used for computation of the CGPA. ‘F’ grade shall not be counted in the calculation of CGPA, however, it is counted in the calculation of SGPA.

Change of Grade Already Awarded

As mentioned in Ordinances, a letter grade once awarded shall not be changed unless the request is made by the Instructor-in-Charge of the course and is approved by the Chairman, Senate. Any such request for change of grade must, however, be made within four weeks of the start of the next semester with all relevant records and justification.

Grade Improvement

For B.Tech. students, for some important core courses, refresher modules may be offered during vacations for students’ benefit. Students who got a low grade earlier in the course, may be allowed to enroll in these and based on their performance in the refresher module, their grade may be improved by at most one letter grade. Decision regarding whether these modules are to be offered during vacation and whether they may be used for grade enhancement will be taken every year. As with a grade change, this grade improvement will be approved and authorized by Chairman, Senate.

Repeat (Improvement) of a particular course

Repeat of a course completed with pass grade may be allowed, but only the best Grade in that course be counted for CGPA computation. Also all attempts in that course will be recorded in the respective semester transcripts. It is also made clear that a repeat course will not be permitted to be dropped after mid-semester examination.

Performance Indicators

The semester performance is indicated by a Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) which is a weighted sum of all the points earned in the courses done in a semester. While doing the computation of SGPA, the course/ thesis units with grades S and X are ignored.

The overall performance in a program is indicated by a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) which is computed in the same manner as the computation of SGPA but for all the courses done in the program.

Last updated: 14-09-2021