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M.Tech. (CSE) with specialization in Information Security

Specialization Requirements

(Students are also advised to go through the M.Tech. (CSE) specific regulation and PG Regulations to know other requirement of the M.Tech. degree.)

  1. In addition to the core course requirements for the M.Tech. program, to obtain specialization in Information Security a student must:
    • Complete at least 16 credits of courses in the overall area of Information Security.
    • Do his/her thesis or scholarly paper credits in Information Security. The advisor will certify this fact.
  2. If a course appears in multiple requirements (e.g., in the list of core courses and also in the list of specialization courses for IS), it can be taken to satisfy both the requirements. However, it will be counted only once with respect to the overall credit requirements.

Information Security Courses

The program offers several elective courses, focusing on different aspects of security. A student can choose to do any set of courses from these to satisfy his/her specialization requirement of 16 credits. Some of the important courses that a student can expect to do during this program are given below (additional courses may be added later to this set by consent of the program coordinator).


We have young and dynamic faculty at IIIT-Delhi. A student can take elective courses offered by faculty members in different areas - the focus areas. Most of the courses in security will be taught by faculty members of the Security and Privacy Group. In addition, there are plans to have some modules taught by experts from industry.


While internship is not a requirement for the M.Tech. degree, students are encouraged to do an internship to gain industry experience. To facilitate internships, the institute has made arrangements with some corporations to host interns from this program. Guidelines are given here

Last updated: 08-03-2024