Our Alumni

Words from Alumni

Kanika Narang (B.Tech 2008), IBM India Research Laboratory:  “IIIT Delhi provided great environment for studies and conducting research. Most of the professors ensured continuous evaluation and challenging assignments to ensure thorough knowledge of the subject. The professors and even the director was very approachable and the students can interact with them on any matter. Many dedicated and active research groups were available to inculcate the practice of conducting research from the beginning.”

Siddharth (B.Tech 2008), eBay/PayPal:  “IIIT-Delhi have been the most important years for my educational development, learning, professional attitude and all-round personal growth. What I cherish most about our institute is the healthy academic environment, the responsibility and freedom we are given even as 1st years, and the opportunity to build informal and congenial relation with faculty and peers. Any words of praise cannot sufficiently convey the delight our professors are. They make our institute's environment so vibrant and lively.”

Sumit Arora (B.Tech 2008), Works Application:  “An institute with a vibrant director, highly skilful and expert professors with an up to date global curriculum. Obviously it will be one of the best in India very soon.”

Avineet Kaur (B.Tech 2008), Analyst, KPMG:  “Great professors who are always eager to share their knowledge with all the students and are ready to learn from the students. Great leadership by Professor (Dr.) Pankaj Jalote. Particularly great learning experience with Professor (Dr.) Ashish Sureka, Professor (Dr.) Richa Katyal, Professor (Dr.) Gaurav Gupta, Professor (Dr.) Astrid Kiehn and Professor (Dr.) Mayank Vatsa.”

Gaurav Saluja (B.Tech 2008):  “My stay at IIIT-Delhi was very fruitful. Talking about the academics in IIIT-Delhi, I can't find any reason to recall a negative point about my professors or academic schedule. Yes, at times having 3 exams on 1 day use to be too much but it also had its own fun. What I liked the most in IIIT-Delhi was the competitive environment, No matter how difficult it was for me to tackle courses + projects + assignments together but I always loved it. I love the way our professors were always ready to help us, no matter what the time.”

Kashish Chawla (BTech 2010), Software Engineer, Hikari Tsushin Inc, Tokyo, Japan: “IIIT-Delhi has been an exceptional place till date. The kind of growth IIIT-Delhi has given, the exposure, the learning and the widened horizon towards life is not less than an asset to each one of us. The varied number of courses from core CSE to humanities and finance to community work, the flexibility in choosing your subjects makes us realize the true strengths and interest areas. Active student clubs, varied events and cultural activities all have contributed to a life long cherish-able college life. Strong research background of the institute and extremely hard working Placement Cell gave us infinite opportunities for choosing our domains ahead.
In a nutshell, it feels proud to be a part of such an institution and I'm thankful to IIIT-Delhi for making us strong enough for professional careers ahead.”


Words from Academicians

Prof. John Hopcroft, Cornell University (Turing Award Winner):  “It is great that India has created another first rate educational institution. I hope others will follow your example of striving for excellence in education and research.”

Prof. Satish K. Tripathi, Provost, SUNY Buffalo:  “I am confident, given the leadership and the high quality faculty the Institute has already recruited, that IIIT Delhi will be one of the top Institutes within a few years.”

S. N. Maheshwari, Ex-Dean, IIT Delhi:  “IIIT Delhi stands out for the planning, attention to detail, … provided the Institute does not lose sight of the objectives and goals.”

Prof. Rajeev Sangal, Director, IIIT Hyderabad:  “I see IIIT Delhi coming up in right earnest with innovative programs … also addressing all round development of the student.”

Sanjeev K Aggarwal, Dean, IIT Kanpur:  “IIIT Delhi has done an excellent job of recruiting high quality faculty in a very short time.”

M. Balakrishnan, Deputy Director, IIT Delhi:  “IIIT Delhi is championing the model of self-sustainability, which has huge potential for scalability.”

Krithi Ramamritham, ex-Dean, IIT Bombay: “In a short time IIIT Delhi has brought together a strong internationally-trained multidisciplinary faculty with varied experience.”