Modes of Industry Engagements

IOP office invites expression of interest from potential industry partners in the following

PM fellowship: Industries can provide funds towards half of the amount offered as fellowship. The other half is provided by SERB, DST, Govt. of India. Currently IIIT-D has three PM fellows working. On an average, partner company’s share is between 4.5 to 5.0 LPA for four years. The PM fellow works on an industry oriented problem under supervision of a faculty member of the institute and a mentor from the partner industry. The research problem and the IP rights have to be mutually decided by the institute and the partner industry. Currently IIIT-Delhi has partnered with five industries for fellowship of eight PhD scholars of the institute.

Online certification courses in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and Internet of Things: IIIT-Delhi has partners with Tech Mahindra Growth Factories Limited to offer online certification programs in various domains of IT, CS, EC, Design, CB and other allied areas for working professionals so that they can enhance their skills and knowledge without worrying about attending regular lectures at any institute. To start with, there are two certification courses are being offered, one in AI & ML and other in IoT. The enrolment for these programs will begin in May and the courses will commence in August 2019.

Details of the program (Coming soon)