Dr. Kiran Karnik
Chairman, BOG


"Though very young, IIIT-Delhi is now firmly on its way to realizing its mission of becoming a globally respected Institute for research and higher education. With its focus on recruiting highly qualified faculty from across the world, it has already emerged as one of the leading Institutes in IT, capable of developing well trained and innovative young professionals. Its graduates combine a solid technical grounding with other supporting knowledge, including soft skills. This type of talent is unique and in short supply; it will be of special interest to companies working in cutting edge technologies. In this era of knowledge, companies know the value of talent and of innovation. I invite all such corporations, working in the forefront of Information Technology, to visit IIIT-Delhi for recruitment."


Dr. Pankaj Jalote

"I am very pleased to invite companies to visit our Institute for considering our graduating B.Tech (CSE & ECE) and M.Tech (CSE & ECE) students for recruitment. In a short span, IIIT-Delhi has established itself as one of the leading institutes in research and education in engineering, with one of the finest faculty, all of whom are PhDs from across the world. Our computer science UG students obtain excellent technical training which includes, besides core areas like data structures, operating systems, networking, databases, software engineering, etc. courses on advanced topics like data mining, mobile computing, information security, image processing, etc as electives. Electronics is a very diverse field; getting expertise in all the areas is not possible during UG studies. Keeping that in mind, we allow our UG students to take elective courses during the last two years of study. This gives them the option to go deeper in either of the following ECE areas- VLSI, communication engineering, signal processing, or the controls and embedded system stream with a fairly good knowledge in these ECE domains. In addition, with a strong CSE department on campus, ECE students have the advantage of taking software courses and training, as well as relevant CS courses. Many of these courses, both in CSE and ECE have group projects, which help students develop abilities to work in a team. In addition, they go through a stream of courses on communication including basic communication skills and technical communication. Overall, IIIT-Delhi graduates have solid technical skills, decent understanding of some domains, good communication skills, and good exposure to problem solving and team work. M.Tech(CSE) students graduate with a degree in general CSE, in Data Engineering, in Information Security or in Mobile Computing. M.Tech(ECE) students graduate with a degree in ECE (general), or with a specialization in VLSI and Embedded Systems (VLSI), or specialization in Communication and Signal Processing (CSP). With a quality student body as B.Tech, M.Tech, and Ph.D students, the research and study culture at IIIT Delhi is very encouraging and motivating for the students."

Ms. Rashmil Mishra
GM, Corporate Relations and Placements


"It gives us immense pleasure to extend to you a cordial invitation to participate in the Campus Placement Process at IIIIT-Delhi to experience and evaluate the dexterity, competencies, skills and talents of our budding engineers and absorb them into your esteemed organizations.

It is my sincere belief that your esteemed organization and IIIIT-Delhi stand to gain immensely from this symbiotic relationship.

Our students have the necessary skills to become a successful & valued member of any organization It would be our proud privilege to host you, and we would be most delighted to be involved in such a partnership.

Looking forward to a mutually rewarding & fruitful association."