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The journey that I have spent in two years in IIITD has taken me to a greater height. It taught me self-discipline, multi-tasking, gelling up well within the group, being responsible, pre-planning with a visual insight, and also being mentally strong during tough times. I have been through many ups and downs and the start wasn't that great by getting a CGPA of 6 in the first semester. This hard lesson at the beginning of the journey brought a positive change in me by which I was able to rectify my own mistakes quickly to reach somewhere near my expectations.

I met with some real friends (Abhishek TC and Shubham Baunthiyal) who stood beside me, pulled me up from the depression, and gave me that mental strength to fulfill my expectations. The second semester went well with a whooping 8.57 CGPA but overall CGPA after 2nd semester being only 7.29. The campus placements started and different companies kept their cut-offs pretty high and I became ineligible to sit for most of them. Still, I didn't lose hope. I saw my friends getting placed but I was unable to crack a single interview. Despite going through these tough times, I didn't lose hope. I focussed more on the semester and got a whopping 9.33 CGPA making the overall CGPA to 7.9. Then came the fourth semester where I had to opt for a Capstone project to get the VLSI specialization.

I couldn't sit for companies who were providing internships as I prioritized "getting a specialization degree" over placements. Better late than never, "Synopsys" came to my rescue with a full-time opportunity, and finally, I was able to taste the sweetness of all the hard work I had put in these two years. The final overall CGPA I could achieve is 8.31. The most important part of me that revolutionized is I became a self-learner, a competent teacher, a strong decision-maker, a person with a growing attitude to fight till the end, and never giving up. More importantly, I could connect well with the students I taught, and getting congratulatory messages from them made me feel really special at the end. This IIITD journey was very special and will be cherished lifelong. The journey that made me a "hero from zero".

Stories from Alumni


Stories from Alumni

Two gems found in last two years of my IIITD journey. Looking for building a longer bond with them.

Vipin Samaria

More than a story, this is an anecdote of how IIIT-Delhi has shaped me into the person I am today. My unconventional journey at IIIT-Delhi perfectly captures the roadmap towards the holistic development of a student. Being at an institute that offers endless opportunities to its students, I find myself fortunate enough to have experienced most of them.
From Research to Extracurricular to Entrepreneurship, I have not left any stone unturned. While consistently maintaining good academic records, I have pioneered various cultural and social initiatives and events within IIITD. My cross-domain involvement and diverse experiences as part of Student Senate, Entrepreneurship Cell, WiroComm Research Group, and Odyssey have weaved into me the skills of time management, critical thinking, and action bias.
I joined IIITD as a 17-year-old shy and introverted student. In these four years, I have grown as a confident and relentless optimist who now believes there is no failure - only feedback. After years of continuous hard work, I really look forward to convocation day. I wish to thank the whole IIITD family for their contribution and support all throughout these years.

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Yash Gupta

Stories from Alumni

We all have been here for a long time and have seen the campus draining in the rains only to shine back again (thanks to FMS guys) but this time as it started to rain I knew maybe it's the first rain shower of the year but it marks the end of a beautiful journey making space for the new horizon of life. I know I can't capture this moment but what i can do is just a small attempt and that's what these pictures are to me.

Rishav Raj

Thanks IIITD for all the wonderful memories.... for the uncontollable laughters..For the night Maggies and Paranthas..For those Hectic schedules that still taught us to manage time and made us strong..For the amazing friends without whom this journey would have been difficult and boring..For the most amazing faculty..ThankU for everything that we will carry in our hearts and cherish forever :)

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Madhavi Agarwal