Minute to Minute Program of Virtual Convocation-2021
10:00 a.m. Welcome Note
10:01 a.m.Academic Procession
10:02 a.m.Convocation Song
Director requests the Chairman BoG to declare the Convocation open
Convocation is declared open by the Chairman, BoG
Director's Report and address
10:18 a.m.Convocation Address by the Hon'ble Chancellor
10:20 a.m.Convocation Address by the Chairman, BoG
10:35 a.m.Convocation Address by the Chief Guest
10:47 a.m.Presentation of Chancellor Gold Medal
Presentation of various Medals
Announcement of Doctoral Dissertation Award
10:53 a.m. Award of Ph.D. Degrees
10:55 a.m. Award of M.Tech. Degrees
11:05 a.m.Award of B.Tech. degrees starting with students graduating with Honors
11:15 a.m. Chairman, BoG signs the scroll of all the Award of Degrees
Oath taking by all the Recipients of Degrees
11.17 a.m.Director requests the Chairman, BoG to declare the Convocation closed
Convocation is declared closed by the Chairman, BoG
National Anthem