Congratulations for your ward completing the degree program from IIIT-Delhi. The success of our students is not just due to hard work by our faculty, staff and the students themselves, but because of constant encouragement and inspiration by you. You have made enormous sacrifices to ensure that our students succeed, and we can not thank you enough for the same. It is because of your commitment to provide your ward the best possible education that we enjoy teaching and guiding a wonderful set of students in our classrooms and laboratories.

We hope you will be present when your ward walks on the stage to receive that well deserved degree. I am sure it will be a matter of pride for you as much as it would be a matter of pride for us. Please stay back for a cup of tea and interact with the faculty and institute functionaries.

We would not like the convocation day to be the last day of our relationship. In fact, we look forward to this as a beginning of a new relationship. There are many students at IIIT-Delhi who are perhaps not as fortunate as your ward has been. While the Institute has programs for tuition fee waiver and other support to these students, there is a need to enhance the level of that support. There is also a need to expand that support to more deserving students. These students too have high aspirations, and they have worked hard against all odds to reach where they are today.

There is a tradition at IIIT-Delhi that the graduating students give a parting gift to the Institute and they decide how that gift is going to be used. The 2016 graduating batch has together contributed almost Rs. 2 lakh and voted that this money be used to provide support to students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

You can provide additional support to the "Batch of 2016 Fund" to take forward the mission that your ward has contributed to. Of course, if you decide to give a gift for any other purpose, we would be happy and welcome that gift as well. Any gift, small or large, is a positive contribution towards excellence in the Institute. All gifts to IIIT-Delhi are eligible for Income Tax rebate under section 80G.

If you want to discuss other giving options, like establishing a scholarship, a travel fellowship, faculty awards, etc., please get in touch with our Dean of External Relations, Prof. Dheeraj Sanghi, at

Please visit the following link for your valuable contribution: Giving to IIIT-D and for Guidelines