Spring Initiative 2019

Spring Initiative 2019

At IIIT-Delhi, we all believe that students must have the opportunity to seek knowledge where ever they can find it!

With this theme in mind, we are pleased to introduce "Spring Initiative 2019", an annual fundraising campaign themed around "Learning beyond Boundaries". We solicit your support in the form of any amount that you might want to contribute. The donations would contribute towards fulfilling the vision of the spring initiative which is to give wings to the learning aspirations of our students and also forge new bonds between the institution and the community of its well-wishers.

The donations through this campaign will be collated in a corpus. As reflected in the theme, the money from this corpus would be used solely for the purpose of funding students seeking to travel and participate in events outside IIIT, for example, programming competitions, learning initiatives like short-term courses/workshops. An advisory committee would soon be formed who will be responsible for approving small grants to the most deserving students.

Since this is our inaugural years, we would like to reach at least 200 people. Hence, we would like to urge you to spread the word among the alumni and anybody else who might be willing to contribute. Thank you.

Click here to Contribute, Please select Spring Initiative option in the purpose drop-down menu.

All the donations made, will be covered for tax benefit under 80G. We encourage contributors in India to donate by the financial year end, which is March 31, in order to avail tax benefits for the financial year.

For assistance please contact: pallavi@iiitd.ac.in