Odyssey- A Fantasy Saga

QS Ranking of IIIT DELHI

Odyssey- the word itself instills a sense of excitement, thrill and anticipation. Since its very first edition in 2014, Odyssey has been the heart and soul of everyone at IIIT-Delhi. With the aim of transforming our campus into realms of legendary themes and the enthusiasm of everyone involved in the fest, Odyssey’18 set out to be the most memorable one yet.

The fest was spread over two days, 19th and 20th January, 2018, with an abundance of events and performances to entertain the audience and bring together the youth of Delhi to exhibit their alents. The first day started off with a bang with Hasratein, the street play event, attracting huge crowds with the talented drama clubs of various colleges astonishing everyone with their unique ideas and their powerful performances. It was exhilarating to see young blood being so passionate about subjects that plague the society and take an initiative to do something about it in their own special way.

While the drama clubs kept the crowd mesmerised on the grounds, Battle Troupe, the group dancing event, enthralled the crowd with gorgeous, talented dancers from all over Delhi on the main stage. Dance has always been a huge crowd puller and Battle Troupe was no exception. All eyes were glued onto the stage as one by one, the most breathtaking performances took place on the stage and battled for the ultimate reward. It amazed everyone watching how agile and graceful the dancers were. Truly, a memorable event.

As the day wore on, more and more events started unfolding. Non-flagship events such as TurnQuote, the debating event, and Verse Off, the solo dancing event, took place in smaller parts of
the campus, engaging the groups of people who were interested in these events. Towards the middle of the day came the event most of the crowd was looking forward to - Campus Princess, the female pageant. One by one, beautiful talented women dressed to the nines came forward and walked the ramp, amazing the huge crowd that had gathered to watch the event. The Q&A round tested their wit and gave the audience bits of information about each of the contestants. Ultimately, after a stiff competition and animated discussion between the judges, eufueh won the glorious crown.

The highlight of the evening was the fashion show, Reverbe. Adorned in stunning, alluring outfits that left the audience wide-eyed, entered the most well known fashion societies of the Delhi college
circuit. One by one, the participants graced the stage with their phenomenal confidence and applaudable aura. Then came the much awaited performance of the evening, the fashion show by The Muse, IIIT Delhi’s fashion society. Our very own fellow students walked the ramp with utmost poise and charm. The excitement of the audience and their thunderous applause was a definite proof of their talent and hard work. It was really a treat to the eyes. Reverbe was a complete crowd pleaser. Theatre artiste and Bollywood personality Vidushi Mehra judged the show along with entrepreneur and socialite, Promila Jain Bahri. Nakshatra, the fashion society of Hindu College, Delhi University, came first after facing stiff competition from the other equally well deserving teams.

Wrapping up Day 1 of what was turning out to be an amazing fest was an EDM night hosted by DJ NLS for the students of our college. It was a much needed night of dancing and unwinding after a
hectic day of running around, working hard making sure the events go smoothy. Day 2 started with tired volunteers running around campus handling last minute crises, while surviving on the little sleep they had got the night before.

The first crowd pulling event of the day was Acapellujah, the acapella event. Now this one was definitely one to watch out for. Acapella is an art form that hasn't been fully discovered in India, yet
for the true music lovers it is an extremely enjoyable genre. It was a full show as excited audience members awaited to lose themselves in the melodious tunes. The singers were extremely talented
and their compositions were captivating. It was hard not to be overjoyed seeing such brilliant musicians sweep the crowd with their performances. After an hour of euphonious music filling the
room, Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University won the trophy, with Shiv Nadar University coming in second place.

Music seemed to be the predominant theme of the second day with Acapellujah and then, Battle of the Bands attracting the major crowd. Battle of the Bands is the contest between bands who
compete for the winning title. A massive crowd gathered in front of the main stage with high levels of excitement to pump up the bands and dance to their music. It was an amazing competition, full of
life and captivating the audience with their spirited performances.

The day ended with the event every college student in Delhi who was at the fest, was looking forward to - The Nirvana Night. A passionate performance by Haider Saifullah, followed by a concert by popular singer Harrdy Sandhu. Our college hosted the largest crowd in the history of Odyssey. The evening started with a soulful, romantic performance by Saifullah. The crowd was mesmerised by his mellow tunes and every single person in the audience found themselves getting lost in his music. He was followed by Harrdy Sandhu who swept the crowd away with his powerful singing. He performed the perfect melody of soft songs and energetic music and enthralled everyone. It was a memorable night, to say the least.

Odyssey’18 was the best fest our college has seen. With successful events, an energetic crowd and stellar performances by some of the best artists of this country, these 2 days turned out to be an
amazing experience for everyone present. Kudos to the hard work and dedication of the large team of students who worked tirelessly day and night for over four months to make Odyssey a huge success. The IIITD family went through immense pressure to get the work done on time, but needless to say, the success of Odyssey made every little bit of hard work well worth it. Odyssey’18 will stay us for a long, long time.