DataQuest Ranked IIIT-Delhi 8th, in their Top Government T-School 2017 Survey

DataQuest Ranked IIIT-Delhi 8th

At this time of the year rankings of engineering colleges pop out of almost every national magazine. Luckily, there are a few reliable surveys which give a good picture and help you to narrow down your options one of them is T-School Survey by Data-Quest. With multiple great schools offering the same courses, the direction you should take isn’t always clear. There are plenty of great schools here, with unique offerings that surpass mere academics, just waiting for you to find them. It is time to rejoice for students of some of the highly ranked colleges; while for others, it is time to worry and introspect.

This year DQ-CMR T-School Survey was mainly for Private Institutions, however, they also ranked the government T-schools as well. DQ-CMR T-School Survey has ranked us 8th in the list of top Government T-Schools 2017 list that includes IITs and NITs, among others. Government T-Schools have always set the benchmarks for study, and been a center of attraction for IT companies to recruit the best talent. This year’s survey brings forth a wide array of facts. It outlines how most of the colleges are endeavoring to align themselves with the industry requirements so that they can provide the latest skill sets to handle the new roles.

The challenge is that college graduates from different streams today face an increasingly complex world filled with real problems and opportunities to resolve them through technology. Engineering is becoming more and more interdisciplinary and knowledge of different fields is becoming more and more important to solve problems and implement the skills. We at IIIT-Delhi, having recognized this need and started BTech in Interdisciplinary courses, our first interdisciplinary course, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (CSAM) started last year and we are adding two new programs from 2017 namely Computer Science and Design (CSD) and, IT and Social Sciences (ITSS). The Bachelor of Technology in these interdisciplinary programs are designed to provide a four-year curriculum in which students are empowered to personalize, within specified core and concentration areas, their technology based program of study. The program is founded in academic flexibility by providing two sets of broad-based academic options.

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