CAI summer School

CAI summer School IIIT DELHI

"Experience is losing its premium. With traditional IT job roles vanishing, Techies are turning to short-term Deep-learning courses to stay in the race."~ Times of India

To elaborate on this headlines it is quite evident that the tech giants are rapidly migrating to an AI-first world. The industry is getting disrupted. Whether we are aware or not, every aspect of our life is touched by AI/ML applications like Shopping Assistants, Spam Filters, Home Automation, Chat Bots, Self Driving Cars, Surgical Bots, Robo Advisors, Algorithmic Trading, Robotic Process Automation, Speech Recognition, Real-time Language Translation, Computer Vision, Data Mining, and a whole lot more. It is very obvious​ ​that tomorrow’s jobs are going to be​ ​AI inspired and upgrading your expertise in AI/ML is the best way to sustain our career growth and professional stability.

To Facilitate a Smooth Transition of Information Age into Intelligent Age, Infosys Center for Artificial Intelligence at IIIT-Delhi is organizing a "Summer School on Artificial Intelligence". The Summer School is open for all; from students and faculties to government officials and industry professionals who are looking for an opportunity to hone their skills. The classes will be held on the weekends in July 29 to August 18 2018, at IIIT-Delhi campus.

This summer school will focus on the fundamentals and advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, including Deep Learning and Data Analytics. Along with the foundations in core AI and ML, we will also have tracks related to three domains: computer vision, natural language processing, and autonomous driving, robotics. Each successful participant will receive a certificate from the Infosys Center for Artificial Intelligence, IIITD.

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