Mental Wellbeing Chat Platform by wellOwise

Feeling of fear, anxiety and uncertainty about the current coronavirus crisis is overwhelming and has affected us all irrespective of our nationality, sex, age, caste, creed or colour. With the number of people affected by Covid19 escalating everyday, governments across the world have limited options, with social-distancing being the only viable option for flattening the curve and slowing the viral spread. Due to the nature of the crisis people are forced to stay away and isolate themselves from all social activities that usually keep them sane. It is quite obvious to feel alone, helpless and stuck. It is human to feel the pain and panic the world is in right now.

It is times like these that we have to remind ourselves that we are not alone in this and it isn’t the norm. We have to be socially distant but we don’t have to be emotionally alone.

Keeping this in mind, wellOwise, a precision health startup incubated at IIITD Innovation and Incubation center, has joined hands with Sukoon Health to launch a Mental Wellbeing Chat Platform for anyone who is feeling depressed, lonely, sad or anxious and is finding it difficult to cope on their own. The chat platform will provide emotional support and guidance to those who feel fragile because of the Covid-19. The platform is available freely for everyone and is run by psychologists and health coaches. We are here to hear you out and guide you to the right help.

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