Industry Sponsored M.Tech Thesis

Below are the details of Industry sponsored M.Tech Thesis program.


  • A company can sponsor an M.Tech thesis problem of a IIITD student.
  • The problem of the thesis wiil be of interest to the sponsor and agreed by the adviser.
  • The thesis may (or may not) have a co-guide from the sponsoring company. This case requires formal approval from the HOD.
  • The sponsoring amount would be mutually agreed upon but would be at least Rs 3 Lakh, to be divided as follows: - one-third to the supervisor as consultancy fee, one-third to the concerned department and one-third to the Institute.
  • The student will be designated as an RA after one year (i.e. in the 2nd year of M.Tech) to focus on the sponsored thesis work. He/She will continue getting his/her stipend. He/she may spend parts of his/her time during MTech in the sponsoring organization to work on the thesis.
  • Publications, if any, will follow the standard norms for authorship.
  • If IP is created, it will be authored jointly (i.e. if a patent is filed, it will have student and his/her IIIT-D adviser as co-inventors). If the sponsoring organization pays for patent filing, the patent will be owned by the organization. If IIIT-D files it, then IIIT-D will own it. However, regardless of who owns the patent, the IP can be used by the sponsor and IIIT-D without any restriction.

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