B.Tech.(CSE) Requirements

Requirements for Graduation

For a BTech(CSE) degree, a student must satisfy all the following requirements:

  • Earn a total of 152 units (equivalent to 38 courses - 10 courses a year in the first two years, and 9 courses a year in the last two years.)
  • Successfully complete all the core courses.
  • Do at least 12 units of humanities and social sciences courses.
  • Do 4 units of Community work / Self Development. These are pass/fail credits, which are required to be completed, but do not count for fulfilling the credit requirement (i.e. these are in addition to the credit requirements mentioned above)
  • In each semester, the student must do at least two CS/IT courses.
  • A BTech project (BTP) is optional. A student opting for BTP may take a total of 8, 12 or 16 units of BTP. In a semester, the student can normally register for at most 8 units of BTP.