About the Institute


About the Institute

IIIT Delhi was created by an Act of Delhi Government in 2008. Since then it has gained a high degree of respect within the academic community, and is widely regarded as one of the top Institutions in the country for research and education in IT areas – in particular Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) and Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE). Computational Biology (CB)  is the new program that we are starting this year. Its faculty is among the finest in the country (all regular faculty members have PhD, with about two-thirds of them having PhD from the US or Europe), and it attracts the best students to its programs.

The institute offers a vibrant and active campus life which inspires a healthy learning environment coupled with ample opportunities to grow holistically.

IIIT Delhi is distinguished by its excellent faculty having PhD from institutes of repute from across the world. Read more about our faculty here.
Being a part of a research-based institute, our faculty is actively engaged in research. IIIT-D also encourages students to undertake innovative research projects. Read more about research by students here.
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Education and Placement

At the postgraduate level, IIIT-Delhi currently has three programs – in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE),  Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) and Computational Biology (CB). The education programs are as good as any Tier I institution in the country. A highly respected academic has rated our  programs next only to that of IIT in CS/IT in Delhi region in an article in HT. Dheeraj Sanghi, Dean at IIT Kanpur and a respected academic, has ranked IIIT-D's program next only to IIIT-Hyd on his blog and praised the institute in a video.

IIITD offers one of the most up-to-date curricula that prepares the students for high end industry careers as well as for higher studies.

IIIT-D offers a large selection of core and elective courses in CSE and ECE for depth and breadth in students' educational experience.
IIIT Delhi, whose students enjoy the best combination of strong technical background and excellent soft skills, continue to witness impressive placement statistics. Visit placement page for more information.
IIIT-D has taken a unique initiative by introducing the concept of summer refresher courses for incoming M.Tech students.‚Äč