Frequently Asked Questions on MTech Admissions (2014)

Last updated on June 26, 2014

General Query on M.Tech(CB) and M.Tech(CSE) & (ECE) Round 2

Is M.Tech(CB) a specialisation under M.Tech(CSE)?

No, M.Tech(CB) is a different programme started this year.

Can i apply for more than one programme?

Yes, you can apply for more than one programme. However, on the day of the test and interview at IIIT, you will be allowed to compete for admission to just one programme.

Do i have to apply again, if i have applied earlier?

Yes, this will be a fresh application.

Do we{M.Tech(CSE)} have to give CodeChef again?

Please go through the details of Round 2 carefully. There is no requirement for CodeChef at this time. Requirements, if any, will be communicated after completion of initial screening of candidates.

What is the vacancy position now in M.Tech(CSE) and M.Tech(ECE)?

As we have selected 64 in CSE and 32 in ECE, so currently we have 16 & 8 vacancies respectively     for CSE & ECE. The final vacancy position will be notified on June 26, 2014 after 5 pm.

  Vacancy Position after 1st Round in M.Tech.(CSE) - Upto 38 Seats & M.Tech.(ECE) - Upto 30 Seats

Please clarify, how the specialisation will be allotted in M.Tech(CSE) and M.Tech(ECE)?

  • Initial assignment of specialization to candidates that join is done for the purposes of planning. This assignment will be done based on candidate preferences and ranks.
  • A candidate's initial assignment (general MTech or M.Tech with specialization) has no bearing on the MTech degree a candidate gets on finishing the M.Tech program. A candidate is awarded a degree with a specialization if and only if the candidate has completed all the requirements (for example, completed all necessary courses) needed to get the specialization before graduation. Note that a candidate may complete all requirements of a M.Tech degree without completing requirements to get a MTech with a specialization.
  • The institute may disallow too many students from pursuing a specific specialization if it deems that all the students, as a part of a single specialization, will not be able to receive the best possible instruction. Currently, we do not plan to enroll more than 20 students in any given specialization. However, we do not limit the number of students that can choose to obtain a general M.Tech degree.

 updated on May 20, 2014

Are we (only CSE applicants) considered for admission process such as written and interview, if  not given CodeChef test or not getting a score due to some unavoidable circumstances ?

Yes, you may attend the written test. However, you will get zero credit for the codechef part of the evaluation process.

 updated on May 15, 2014

What is the screening criteria for written test and the cut off for CSE and ECE?

Final Score = 0.7*GATE Score + 0.3*B.Tech Percentage (both scores scaled to 100)

  • Cut off for CSE - 60.64
  • Cut off for ECE - 65.17

updated on May 2, 2014

General Query on Written Test and Interview.

Are we going to get Admit card for written test?

The shortlisted candidates will be informed through mail/SMS to download their Admit Card from our website. The link for the same will be available from May 13, 2014.

Which documents we should bring  for appearing in  written test?

Documents needed for M.Tech(CSE) Applicants  

  • Admit Card
  • Application Form

  • CodeChef Test Result

  • Print out of  the Code(CodeChef Test)  

Documents needed for M.Tech(ECE) Applicants

  • Admit Card
  • Application Form

General Query on CodeChef Test.

When the CodeChef test will start and when will we have to Sign Up?

It will be started on May 02, 2014. You have to sign up on or after May 02, 2014.

Who needs to take the CodeChef test?

All M.Tech(CSE) candidates need to take the CodeChef  test.

What is the process to start the CodeChef test?

First apply the online application for M.Tech 2014, get an Application ID.  Sign up with your APPLICATION ID as USERNAME and proceed for the test. Update: Codechef may not accept your application ID as a username. If so, if you have a username then use that for taking part in the contest, otherwise create a new username in accordance with the regular expression provided by Codechef.

If you are creating a new username for Codechef, you must use the e-mail id you had earlier provided in the IIIT application form.  If you are using an existing username, you must update your e-mail id so that it is the same with the one provided in the IIIT application form. Note that, this is a MUST, as otherwise your scores will be ignored. Also,  in both the cases (existing or new username), you must enter the IIIT Delhi application ID in the About Me field on the Codechef registration page.

How many days the test will continue?

It generally goes for 7-10 days. All details can be obtained from when the competition starts (May 2, 2014).

What will be the syllabus for Codechef Test?

Codechef tests are coding competitions focused on algorithmic problems, there is not set syllabus, but knowledge of coding, data structures and algorithms will help. You can practice for the test with codechef problem sets and so on.

Will the candidates taking the test be called for written and interview at IIIT Delhi?

No, only the shortlisted candidate will be called for written and interview as mentioned in our notification.

What I need to do after completing the test?

Please keep the print out of result sheet and print out of code, which you need to produce at the time of written test, if shortlisted.

Updated on April 15, 2014

Is GATE score mandatory?

Yes, an applicant must have a valid GATE score (2013/2014) in CS/IT, EC/EE.

I am having GATE in CS/IT or EC/EE but my B.Tech is other than CS/IT/EC/EE. Am I eligible?

No. It is clearly written in the eligibility criteria that we will only accept B.Tech in CS/IT/ECE/EE.

What is the reservation policy for M.Tech Admission in IIIT Delhi?

There will be 5% relaxation in percentage & 0.5 relaxation in CGPA for SC, ST, OBC, PwD, CW candidate in all degrees. For minimum percentage and/or CGPA requirement for all degree please refer the table below:

Table 1 : Minimum Percentage and/or CGPA Requirement
Category General SC/ST/OBC/Pwd/CW
CGPA Percentage CGPA Percentage
10th - 60% - 55%
12th - 60% - 55%
B.Tech/B.E/MCA/M.Sc 6.5 65% 6.0 60%
Other Degree - 60% - 55%

Am I eligible with 64.99 % in B.Tech?

No, refer Table 1 for minimum percentage and/or CGPA requirement.

Is there any seat reserved for SC, ST, OBC, PwD, CW?

No, there will be only relaxation in CGPA/Percentage as mentioned in the table no.1.

Are the candidates appearing in the final exam eligible to apply?

Yes, they are eligible with the same eligibility criteria. They are required to give their last CGPA/aggregate percentage of marks.

Do I need to post the print out of application after applying online?

No, there is no need to send print out of application or any documents to IIIT Delhi. In case someone making payment through Draft, they need to send the draft only.

What should I do if I pay the application fees through Demand Draft?

If you pay the application fees through Demand Draft, write your Name, Application No, Mobile No at the back side of the Demand Draft and send it to IIIT Delhi.

Is the Coding test mandatory for all M.Tech(CSE) with/without Specialization?

Yes, it is mandatory for all applying for M.Tech in CSE.

What is the venue for Coding test?

The test will be online. You will be doing it from your own place.

What will be the procedure and dates for online coding test?

We will announce the details shortly. Please see the admission page around 15th April. The online coding test will be starting from May 02, 2014. For more detail visit the admission page, the same has been updated.

What is the venue for Written and interview?

Written and interview venue is in IIIT Delhi (address).

Most of the dates are mentioned as tentative. Is there any possibility of Change in dates?

Dates will change only in case of exceptional situations.

Is this the final round of admission?

If there are seats left after the first round of admissions, we may have another round.

Are we going to receive any communication after screening?

There will be no postal communication. All the announcements and notifications will be given in the website. The shortlisted candidate may be notified through e-mail. The candidates are adviced to visit the website and check their e-mail regularly.

Can we avail accommodation in the campus for Written and Interview day?

No, you have to arrange it of your own.