Admission Timeline for admission through IIIT-D admission process

IIITD Admission Process


Opening of applications

10th May 2019, (Friday)

Last Date of Application

28th May 2019, 5 PM (Tuesday) 31st May 2019, (Friday)

Bonus Marks Document Verification

29th May 2019 (Wednesday) 1st June 2019, 10 AM (Saturday)

First Round of Seat Allotment

31st May 2019 (Friday) 3rd June 2019, 5 PM (Monday)

First Round Reporting

4th June 2019 (Tuesday) 7th June 2019, 10 AM (Friday)

Second Round Seat Allotment

5th June 2019 (Wednesday) 10th June 2019, 5 PM (Monday)

Second Round Reporting

7th June 2019 (Friday) 13th June 2019, 10 AM (Thursday)

Spot Round (In case of availability of seats)

15th June 2019, 10 AM (Saturday)

Last Date of Withdrawal

12th June 2019, 12 PM (Wednesday) 15th July 2019, (Monday)

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