B.Tech. Induction Program 2019

2020 induction schedule will be posted soon

B.Tech. induction program 2019 is starting from 21st July, 2019 (Sunday). Students who wish to take hostel can apply through this form and submit at Student Affairs Office (Room no. A-207, Academic Building) on Saturday between 10.00 a.m to 5.30 p.m along with a copy of allotment letter, residence proof and fee receipt. The form can also be deposited at 800 a.m on 21st July, 2019 (Sunday) for whom reporting the day of induction program. All new entrants are expected to attend the program scheduled from 21st July to 30th July. Arrangements of stay are also made for day scholars in the hostels during the induction schedule. Double occupancy rooms will be allotted for monsoon semester to all B.Tech. 2019 students, the required fee of Rs. 28k and Security fee of Rs. 10k can be deposited through the link of payment portal . Detailed schedule is available here

Breaking the Ice

These sessions are designed to encourage interaction between students, help them open up, and be comfortable around their peers.

Outcomes :

  • Make students comfortable in the new environment of college.
  • Help students in breaking the barrier of communication between their seniors and peers.

Ethics and Values

Very often, our goals are at variance with our value systems. This workshop helps us to understand our values better, prioritize them, and then begin to relate them to short and long term goals. The topics covered would include learning team formation, Sans values, learning and many more.

Outcomes : 

  • Students will start to understand their value better and to prioritize them.
  • Students will be able to set goals which resonate with their values.

Motivation, Stress Management, positive thinking and guarding against addiction + Depression 

Motivation is one the most important factors that influences how well a student does in studies or how well a person does his/her work. This session will briefly cover the matters of motivation, stress management, positive thinking, preventing/coping with depression. This session also will have discussions on stress management focusing how to tackle stress that happens in the age group of students. Experts will also provide knowledge about addiction and methods to cope with depression.


  • Students will be able to understand the importance of self-motivation and time-management in their studies.
  • Students will be able to protect themselves from addiction and get aware about depression and other mental problems.

Effective Study & Time Management

Many students end up wasting time, even though they would like to lead a balanced life and spend time judiciously among various activities and goals. This session, which also uses information from students from IIIT-Delhi, discusses why it is important to have effective study habits, and what are some of the habits that work well for students. This session will focus on topics such as how things happen in IIITD academics, the importance of effective time management, the major time wasting activities, and how students can plan their time and then follow the plan so they can get the most from their IIITD life.


  • Help students planning a time-table suitable for them to have the full use of college time, that is, to excel in both academics and other co-curricular activities.

Alumni Panel Discussion

The session will give new students a chance to interact with IIITD alumnus working across the country and abroad. Alumni will share their experiences of both the college and corporate life. This will help students in planning their college journey so as to make full use of their next four years at IIITD.


  • Will get to know about their life at IIIT Delhi and afterwards.
  • Students will look up to these alumni to get motivated and will be planning their college journey with their inputs and guidance.

Industry Panel Discussion

This session gives the student an opportunity to interact with people from various steps of the corporate ladder and entrepreneurs, exposing them to a wide array of possibilities.


  • Students get a sneak peek into the corporate world.
  • Expose students to various career options and entrepreneurship.

Relationships and Gender Sensitization 

We must acknowledge that men and women are different and unique in their own strengths, which does not mean that one is less than the other. There are certain challenges that both men and women could face during young adulthood, and one should be able to confidently be able to tackle these situations rather than remain silent about them. In this session we would orient you for the same.


  • Help students to understand the opposite gender, their needs and will make them sensitive towards the other gender.

Introduction To College Life

The life a student leads in college is much dissimilar to the life they were used to in their schools. Such a drastic change needs to be slowly taken upon by the new students. This session serves as a guide to different challenges faced in the process of settling into college life and how the students are meant to face and handle them.


  • Students will become comfortable in the change from more disciplined school life to more free college life.
  • Students will be able to know how to manage their newly found freedom.
  • Students will be more confident about facing the stress and challenges of staying away from home.


In this session some successful people with diverse careers will discuss their life stories, choices they made, and lessons they learned. This session can motivate incoming students to aim high and recognize that they have many career choices after their university education.


  • Students will be learning what is meant by a successful career and how to build one.
  • Students will be getting introduced to the various paths they can take moving forward.

Group Activities

These are fun activities which will also develop teamwork. Each day students will be going to different activities. It’ll also help them to explore the extra-curricular dimension of the college.


  • Will learn the importance of team/group work.
  • Encourage students to join different clubs to hone their skills in their hobby besides the academics.

Programming Sessions

These are meant for students who don't have prior experience with computer programming. These sessions are meant to take their fear of programming away and make them comfortable with the concept of programming. This will prepare them well for the "Intro to Programming" course. Some other activities will be planned for those students who know programming.


  • Students who didn’t study CS in their 11th/12th will become aware of basics of programming and it will help them in “Introduction to Programming” course.

Clubs mela

Clubs are the bedrock of the cultural scene of our college, hence it is essential that the students are introduced to all clubs and are given an opportunity to engage and involve in clubs that interest them. This session gives them an opportunity to do the same. The session will involve introductions, along with interactive activities, presented by the student clubs, in order to give the students a hands-on experience.


Introduce students to various clubs via interactive, collaborative activities. For any query related to induction you can contact to following coordinators: