Frequently Asked Questions regarding B.Tech. Admissions 2012

Please see the general institute FAQ on status of IIIT-Delhi, its accreditation, financial model, etc. which is available from the homepage of the institute. This FAQ is mostly about the BTech admission for 2012.

You can deposit the challan in any of the HDFC branches.
  1. What is the status of IIIT-Delhi, is it recognized by UGC/AICTE, does it have any relationship with IP univ, etc? 
    See the Institute FAQ.
  2. I got less than 80% in Mathematics XII of CBSE, but my overall marks are more than 80%, will I be eligible for admission in IIIT-Delhi ? 
    No. A student is eligible if in Class XII Boards he/she:  (i) has obtained 80% or more in Maths,  (ii) AND has obtained 80% or more overall (i.e. in all the five subjects) in Class XII Board results. (iii) AND For admission in ECE program in addition to this student must have taken Physics as one of the subjects in Class 12th
  3. I got less than 80% in XII in CBSE, shall I still sit in the admission test, just in case seats become available later? 
    There is no point in applying if you do not fulfill the eligibility criteria.
  4. If I got 80% in Mathematics in XII in CBSE, but my overall marks are less than 80%, will I be eligible for admission in IIIT-Delhi ? 
  5. I obtained 79.99% - am I eligible?
    No, 80% means strictly 80.00% or above.
  6. Is there any other source of information regarding the admissions other than the website?
    The admission brochure will be available soon. However, please refer to the website regularly for updates and notifications.
  7. Why is the eligibility criteria rather high in marks? 
    Unlike other entrance tests for Engineering colleges/institutes, IIIT-Delhi's admission test is not on class XII subjects, and we rely on class XII education for them. So, to ensure that students have the necessary background in mathematics and overall, the eligibility criteria has been kept at this level. Another reason is that IIIT-Delhi has very few seats, and it is necessary to restrict the number of applicants to a reasonable number, as we feel that it is not proper to ask a large number of students to sit in an admission test when there are only a few seats.
  8. Who is a “ Delhi candidate”?
    The students who have undertaken qualifying exams (i.e. 12th) from the schools located in Delhi (having PIN CODE of Delhi), irrespective of the location of their hometown, would be considered as "Delhi Candidate".
  9. Are schools located in Noida/Gurgaon (and other places in NCR Delhi but outside New Delhi) considered a Delhi school?
    No, "Delhi" candidates must have undertaken qualifying exams (i.e. 12th) from the schools having PIN CODE of Delhi.
  10. I am from outside Delhi. Do I need to apply or appear in the entrance test? 
    If you have done class XII from a school outside Delhi, you can only be considered for outside Delhi seats. For these seats, you must apply, but you do not need to take the entrance test - the selection for these seats will be done on the basis of AIEEE marks and class XII merit among the candidates who have applied.
  11. As I am not appearing in the entrance test, do I still need to pay the application fee? 
    All outside Delhi applicants have to pay this non-refundable fee of Rs 250 towards application fee.
  12. Any photocopy of the certificate needs to be attested along with the application form or not? 
    No certificates need to be sent - they will be checked at the time of admission.
  13. Is there a syllabus or sample questions? 
    As it is an aptitude test, there is no syllabus. Further information about the test and some sample questions will be posted on the website later.
  14. What is the source of latest information about the exam, Institute, etc.? 
    Latest information is available on the Institute website. That is the only source through which all information will be disseminated.
  15. Which degree will be awarded? What is the duration? 
    IIIT-Delhi will award B.Tech. (CSE), B.Tech(ECE). The duration of the program is 4 years.
  16. Where can I find the placement record?
    Only the first batch (2008 batch) has graduated so far, results of its placement are given here.
  17. What is the fee per annum? 
    The fees for the year 2012 is Rs 1.25,000 per year.
  18. Are there any fee waiver?
    There are some income linked fee waivers/scholarships (link).
  19. Is there any management quota / NRI quota? 
    There is no management or NRI quota. All admissions are through the entrance test for Delhi students (or through AIEEE rank for outside Delhi students) only.
  20. I belong to CW category but there is no CW category V, VI or VII in the application form. What should I select?
    Please check the brochure for details about the allowed CW categories. If you do not belong to the listed categories, you will have to apply as a general candidate.
  21. I passed XII in 2011, can I apply? 
    Yes, provided you satisfy the eligibility criteria, and take entrance test in 2012 if you are a Delhi candidate or provide us AIEEE 2012 rank if you are an outside Delhi candidate.
  22. I have taken up improvement exam and now have marks 80% or above in mathematics and aggregate. Can I apply?
    Yes, students who have taken up improvement exam and now have marks 80% or above in mathematics and aggregate are eligible to apply.
  23. Can the students expelled / debarred be considered for admission? 
    Students expelled from any academic institute are not eligible for admission.
  24. When to apply for admission, etc.?
    For dates, please check the online information brochure and the website of the Institute. The last date for applying will be after the results of Class XII, CBSE and AIEEE have been declared. Outside Delhi candidates can only submit the form after declaration of AIEEE results.
  25. I am from outside Delhi of PH / OBC category am I eligible to apply under these categories?
    As there are no seats in these categories under outside Delhi hence you will be considered in General category, and you may apply accordingly.
  26. I have taken Maths, but have not done Physics or Chemistry in my XII Boards. I have got more than 80% in Maths, and my overall percentage is also more than 80%. Am I eligible?
    Yes, you are eligible only for CSE not for ECE. There is no requirement of having done Physics or Chemistry in Class XII for CSE. For ECE, there is no requirement of having done Chemistry in Class XII.
  27. I have done my XII from IB board. Am I eligible to apply?
    Yes, IB Board is considered equivalent to CBSE. However, before you are granted admission, you will have to show that you satisfy the eligibility criteria. If your Board does not give percentages, then you will have to show an official conversion to percentages.
  28. How do I pay the application fee?
    Please see the admissions page.
  29. If I don't want to pay through HDFC, can I still pay by sending a bank draft?
    Fees can be paid only through HDFC bank Challan.
  30. What should I bring for the test?
    Admit Card, challan copy, Identity proof, one passport size recent photograph, HB Pencil, sharpener, eraser.
  31. How do I know my test center and roll number?
    The center for entrance test and your test roll number will be mentioned in the admit card.
  32. How will I receive admit card?
    Admit card for the written test will be available starting from 16th June, 2012. If your admit card is unavailable, please send an email to
  33. List of HDFC branches where I can deposit the challan.
  34. Challan can be deposited in any branch of HDFC.

  35. Can a student who has done schooling from Delhi apply under Outside Delhi Quota?